BLB returns to Sticky Lips this Saturday 11-5-11

Let’s get together for our 2nd show at this great new club! Come for the BBQ and dozens of beers on tap and stay for the show in their wonderful music room.
Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint address: 830 Jefferson Road, 14623
Closest main intersection: East HenriettaPhone number: 585-292-5544
Website: www.stickylipsbbq.comBrian Lindsay Band is, Brian Lindsay, Mark Gifford, Ken Romano, Bruce Diamond and Danny Sloan.
Brian Lindsay website and music blog at

CONCERT REVIEW: Brian Lindsay October 17, 2011
By Frank De Blase
I left Wonderland for the new Sticky Lips on Jefferson Road in time to catch Brian Lindsay’s second set. The stage in this new juke joint is outstanding, and the sound is as well. Lindsay and his crew blew through the hickory smoke and the pages out of Lindsay’s songbook – a songbook full of local relevance and world-weary beauty. I could listen to him for hours.


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